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We know the rivers, we know the runs, and we know the producers.

Since 1982 Ocean Crystal has been the go-to “Oregon Fish Guys”. Our lengthy experience has led to partnerships with the best Pacific Northwest sources for your products. From the Aleutians down the West Coast we work with the very best suppliers that help us provide the freshest seafood.  

Our knowledgeable staff has grown up, worked, and lived the seafood industry from Alaska to California. We have an edge on finding the product, which helps us offer the same quality fish year after year for an appropriate price. We live here. We know when the fish run, and we know where to find the best quality fish.

Our staff's extensive experience has attributed to expanding Ocean Crystal's offerings to South America, Europe, and Asia products. We buy globally like we buy locally: find you the highest quality fish for the same price. 

With our product coming from the Pacific Northwest, we have the ability to be flexible with when and where you get your product. We have warehouses in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. We not only serve customers in these areas, but also deliver to Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York and many places in between. 

Ocean Crystal is known to deliver direct, hold product at our warehouses, or drop ship at another branch of your company. We not only specialize in seafood products, but also the logistics of moving fresh fish.

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Ocean Crystal Seafood

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